[SPN] Brothers

"There's an App for That" - Sam, Dean; Gen(-ish), Humor; #4 - Concepts

Title: Hunting the Supernatural? There’s an App for That.
Author: jellybean_slash
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Dean (Ostensibly gen, but could be Sam/Dean if you read it that way.)
Warning(s): Vaguely cracky; this fic does not take itself seriously.
Rating: G
Theme Set: #4 - Concepts
Prompt: "Have"
My Table: here.
Summary: In which Dean looks through Sam’s phone, and Sam watches infomercials.

( Hunting the Supernatural? There's an App for That. )

Just A Hint of a Memory, Sam and Dawn Summers, Gen, Searching

Title:Just a Hint of a Memory
Author: Belle Helanie
Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester, Dawn Summers
Genre: Gen, X-Over
Rating: G
Theme Set: Searching
Prompt: Sight
Link to your table: Table
Summary: Two children with a heavy future meet one day in a busy mall.

Notes: Obviously, the memories that are Dawn’s aren’t supposed to be real, but the ages and similarities between each set of siblings is just too much to pass up. So here is a story that is set sometime around 1991. Dawn is five. Sam is 8. In my head the key’s been around more than one lifetime, being reborn time and time again like everyone else but is one of those few people who are considered “old souls” and she has the ability of foresight. Not so much as seeing the future, but knowing what one has to do to follow a  So, I wrote this with the idea that a younger Dawn would be able to kind of tap into that wisdom and abilities in a way that she could not do “instinctively” as she grew older.



[SPN] Greatest Hits of Our Swan Song

"It Feels Like a Force of Nature" - SW/DW, Slash, #4 - Concepts

Title: (This Situation's of Our Own Creation, But) It Feels Like a Force of Nature
Author: jellybean_slash
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warning(s): Incest.
Rating: PG-13
Theme Set: #4 - Concepts
Prompt: "Earth"
My Table: here.
Summary: Dean calls it bad choices with that hint of self-loathing that says he only means his own, and Sam calls it destiny, even though he barely believes, because that’s what it’s like between them.

( (This Situation's of Our Own Creation, But) It Feels Like a Force of Nature )

You just can't wait for some things, Alistair & Lilith, Gen, #3 Contrasts

Title: You just can't wait for some things
Author: falling_dominos
Characters/Pairings: Alistair & Lilith, mentions of Dean
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13 (language and brief mentions of gore)
Theme Set: #3 Contrasts
Prompt: #16 - Rush
Domino's table
Summary: How Alistair got involved in the whole mess of freeing Lucifer.
[SPN] Research

"I Feel it Way Down (way down)" - DW/SW, Slash, #4 - Concepts

Title: I Feel it Way Down (way down)
Author: jellybean_slash
Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Warning(s): Dark!Dean, Demon!Dean, Toppy!Dean, Possessive!Dean, Bottom!Sam, incest, graphic violence, very minor blood play, a little bit of dub-con, dirty talk, AU for everything after season 3.
Rating: NC-17
Theme Set: #4 - Concepts
Prompt: "Anger"
My Table: here.
Summary: Dean eventually gets out of hell, but angels have nothing to do with it. Sam is willing to make a lot of exceptions to his morals and principals in order to have his brother back.
AN: Title from Alanis Morissette's 'Versions of Violence.' Many thanks to jumpuphigh for helping me with numerous little things here and there throughout the writing of this.

( I Feel it Way Down (way down) )