Dizzy Miss Lizzy (formalizing) wrote in spn_25,
Dizzy Miss Lizzy

"Got Bent and Twisted (In the Bed That He Made)" - Dean, Sam, gen, #4 - Concepts

Title: "Got Bent and Twisted (In the Bed That He Made)"
Author: jellybean_slash
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Sam
Warning(s): Demon!Dean, violence, AU for everything after season 3.
Rating: PG-13
Theme Set: #4 - Concepts
Prompt: "Tears"
My Table: here.
Summary: Dean's the one that went to hell, but it managed to break something in both of them.
AN: Title from The Builders and the Butchers’ “In The Branches.” This is a prequel to “I Feel It Way Down (way down)” (that part is dark and contains violence, incest, and other potential triggers – please read warnings), but you don’t have to have read that one to read this.

( Got Bent and Twisted (In the Bed That He Made) )
Tags: author: jellybean_slash, set_4_concepts, sn_gen, tears

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