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Theme Sets

These are the Theme Set for Supernatural25. Up to three people may claim the same Theme Set individually. The last two tables are a special opportunity for Wincest and Het writers.

Theme Set #1: The Hunter's Soul
01.Risk 06.Fight 11.Possession 16.Wait 21.Spirit
02.Rest 07.Flight 12.Phantom 17.Wonder 22.Speak
03.Ritual 08.Fire 13.Plea 18.Water 23.Silence
04.Rage 09.Fear 14.Promise 19.Wreck 24.Solace
05.Relent 10.Fall 15.Part 20.Weapon 25.Sense

Code For Theme Set #1

Theme Set #2: A World Divided
01.Ask 06.Apology 11.Alley 16.Midnight 21.Music
02.Answer 07.Apathy 12.Always 17.Maybe 22.Magic
03.Agony 08.Action 13.Mystery 18.Master 23.Magnet
04.After 09.Abrasion 14.Mourning 19.Monster 24.Mask
05.Almost 10.Above 15.Mark 20.Mortality 25.Murmur

Code For Theme Set #2

Theme Set #3: Contrasts
01.Dark 06.Question 11.Freedom 16.Rush 21.Speak
02.Light 07.Answer 12.Possession 17.Wait 22.Listen
03.Remember 08.Never 13.Hurt 18.Remain 23.Good
04.Forget 09.Always 14.Heal 19.Leave 24.Evil
05.Ruin 10.Wish 15.Courage 20.Promise 25.Faith

Code For Theme Set #3

Theme Set #4: Concepts
01.Air 06.First 11.Want 16.Yesterday 21.Steady
02.Earth 07.Last 12.Have 07.Today 22.Shake
03.Water 08.Never 13.Hold 18.Tomorrow 23.Laughter
04.Fire 09.Always 14.Think 19.Sight 24.Tears
05.Spirit 10.Someday 15.Feel 20.Sound 25.Anger

Code For Theme Set #4

Theme Set #5: Evocation
01.Spirit 06.Dark 11.Blood 16.Rise 21.Hide
02.Speak 07.Light 12.Water 07.Ruin 22.Haunt
03.Listen 08.Death 13.Fire 18.Deep 23.Trust
04.Question 09.Danger 14.Fear 19.Desperation 24.Betrayal
05.Answer 10.Knife 15.Forest 20.Sleep 25.Child

Code For Theme Set #5

Theme Set #6: Searching
01.Sun 06.Sight 11.Demon 16.Promise 21.Beneath
02.Moon 07.Symbol 12.Hunt 07.Betrayal 22.Beyond
03.Star 08.Secret 13.Weapon 18.Blood 23.Almost
04.Shadow 09.Silence 14.Wish 19.Broken 24.Never
05.Forest 10.Distance 15.Regret 20.Life 25.Always

Code For Theme Set #6

~~~ Love Themes Below ~~~

Theme Set L: Lovers
01.Touch 06.Wait 11.Silk 16.Love 21.Summer
02.Tease 07.Want 12.Slip 07.Mystery 22.Lips
03.Taste 08.Whisper 13.Fantasy 18.Mine 23.Belong
04.Trouble 09.Heat 14.Forbidden 19.Slick 24.Innocence
05.Temptation 10.Hard 15.Fall 20.Shiver 25.Longing

Code For Theme Set L

Theme Set X: Sexy, Rough, and Ready
01.Rough 06.Hard 11.Conquer 16.Touch 21.Flush
02.Ride 07.Slick 12.Limit 07.Thrill 22.Battle
03.Bite 08.Talent 13.Possess 18.Diversion 23.Strength
04.Bruise 09.Tongue 14.Surprise 19.Dark 24.Urgent
05.Blood 10.Kink 15.Deep 20.Desperation 25.Slow

Code For Theme Set X

Please visit the Claims post to see if the table you want is available for claiming.

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